Monday, November 19, 2012

October Music Classes

October has been a busy musical month!

 All classes have played Djembes and Tubanos which are also called World Drums.

  •  World Drumming is usually experienced in a Drum Circle.  
  •  Drumming promotes individual & group singing,
  •  creates social-classroom unity, 
  •  establishes a strong circle beat, 
  •  enables each drummer to create their own rhythms 
All 5th Graders have been playing their soprano recorders to "The Blue Magic Wombat".  It's an awesome elementary song based on Santana's  "Black Magic Woman".  Even the guitarist on our Blue Magic Wombat accompaniment CD sounds like Carlos Santana, the renowned rock & roll guitarist!

In addition to playing 3 fun melodies to this song, 5th graders learned various percussion parts on  world drums, cabasa , maraccas, cow bell and tambourine which mirror the Latin percussion instruments to Santana's original recording!

All 5th graders (ALL 4 CLASSES!) will be performing this Latin/Rock piece for our school during our November 28th assembly!



  1. I am looking forward to hearing the music at the assembly.

  2. I have always loved these drums! Wish I'd seen it!